Glidecam X-20

Glidecam X-20
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The X-20 Professional Camera Stabilization System from Glidecam is designed to provide smooth, floating camera movements when shooting with cameras weighing between 4,5 kg and 9 kg. It works by isolating the camera from your bodys motion and keeps it in a balanced, motionless state. When equipped, the X-20 system allows you to walk, run, climb stairs, and go over uneven terrain while keeping your shots level and free from shakes. The system features a support arm, vest, and sled with Glidecam L7-Pro 7" LCD monitor and Anton Bauer battery plate. A docking bracket, arm post, hardware for assembly, and a BNC to BNC/RCA video cable come included.

Support Arm

The Dyna-Elastic, dual-articulating support arm is machined from T6 aluminum and allows for smooth camera booming and position adjustments. The 18 precision, double-shielded radial bearings produce minimal friction which allows the arm to boom and pivot smoothly and quietly. Four titanium extension springs give the support arm its lifting power. The spring tension is adjustable to accommodate cameras of varying weights. The arm can support a maximum load of 30 pounds. It is also configurable for left or right-handed use.


The strong and lightweight sled is designed to hold cameras from 4,5 kg and 9 kg. It is comprised of a camera balance platform, three-axis gimbal, dynamic base platform, and telescoping center post.

Camera Balance Platform

Incorporates a quick-release, drop-in dovetail camera plate for quickly attaching or removing your camera. Fine-tuning control knobs allow you to adjust the platform front-to-back and side-to-side, for obtaining horizontal balance.

Three-axis Gimbal

The three-axis gimbal offers several adjustable, axis convergence controls and allows all three axes to intersect for proper operational alignment. Change the location of the gimbal on the central post for quick adjustment of vertical balance. The gimbal features an ergonomically designed curved handle and a gimbal tube with a tight, machined knurled texture.

Dynamic Base Platform

Adjust the systems dynamic balance and increase or decrease the systems rotational pan inertia using dynamic base platform. The platform comes with one Anton Bauer battery plate, as well as a Glidecam L7-Pro 7" LCD monitor, LCD battery plate, and a BNX to BNC/RCA video cable.

Telescoping Center Post

The telescoping center post allows you to adjust the sleds length and the position of the LCD monitor and battery.

Support Vest

The support vest distributes the weight of the system across your shoulders, back, and hips. The vest is adjustable to fit operators of different sizes, and features EVA foam padding for added comfort. The quick-release buckles allow the vest to be easily removed. The vest incorporates a Trimming Mechanism and arm-to-vest connector that allows the angle of the support arm to be adjusted. This lets you neutralize the weight of the arm relative to your bodys center of gravity. The support arm can be attached and removed for the vest without adjusting your trim settings.

Docking Bracket

The docking bracket attaches to a c-stand and allows you to securely rest and balance your X-20 system and camera while you change batteries, accessories, or when the system is not in use.